Stand Against Human Trafficking

Did you know January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month? This month is dedicated to education and raising awareness about the crime of human trafficking. As a community, we can increase our efforts to keep our people safe.

Human trafficking can happen anywhere, including in our own Indigenous communities. We know this is not the Native way. Trafficking violates our traditional values, and it is time we come together as a people to prevent and respond to this crime. As a community, we can increase our efforts to keep our people safe.

  1. Talk to your tribal leaders and get them involved. Tell them how human trafficking is affecting your community.
  2. Bring awareness to social media. Use hashtags and speak out; in the world of social media, our voices can be heard in more places than we can imagine.
  3. Serve and contribute to your community. Let those around you know that they are valued, loved, and safe to grow.
  4. Support survivors. Bring awareness and show them that they are not alone.

Human trafficking cannot be stopped by any one person; we must come together to make a change. The more we talk about human trafficking, the more those around us can become aware, educated, and stand against it. If you or someone you know are experiencing human trafficking, help is available! The Strong Hearts Native Helpline and the National Human Trafficking Hotline are available 24/7 to listen.