Slow Down to Move Faster

Is life throwing so much your way that you feel like you’re running in circles? With our busy lives it can feel like there is no rest for the weary. When this happens to us it’s helpful to do what seems counterintuitive; slow down. Not indefinitely but long enough to assess what’s in front of you.

Here are some tips:

  1. Update your overdue tasks. You can’t do something yesterday.
  2. Categorize your tasks
    1. I need to complete this today
    2. I need to make progress on this today
    3. I don’t need to do this today
    4. This is no longer relevant. Delete!
  3. Prioritize and attack. Don’t be afraid to enlist some help.

Take control of your day before it takes control of you. Try taking the first 20 minutes of each day to make a plan for your day. Life is one day at a time anyway, right?