Just Breathe- Suicide Prevention

Mike had a rough day. It all started when he woke up late, after not getting to sleep until after midnight. His mind was just going and going. Lately he had been so overwhelmed. He could feel the stresses of life piling up around him so that he couldn’t even catch his breath. 

All of his friends and family had no idea, because Mike carried on with his life and daily tasks like normal. On the outside he seemed happy with his life. But on the inside, he felt lonely and hopeless, with dark thoughts beginning to enter his mind. Was he beyond help? Was there any hope left?

Mike knew that something had to change; he knew he had to ask for help. He had become so depressed, that he didn’t think starting over and healing were possible. Mike knew it was finally time to talk to someone. He took a deep breath, picked up the phone and made the call. 

Times can get dark. You can feel so small and alone. It’s important to remember that you matter! There is always someone who will listen, someone who will help. You don’t have to go through anything in this life alone. There is hope. Just breathe and reach out for help.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, hopelessness, or loneliness, call or text 988 or visit 988lifeline.org. There is always hope for healing and help is available 24/7!