Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake

Native Reach has given our communication infrastructure a critical boost. This helps us better address our community’s needs including COVID-19 testing and vaccination information.
Mo Smith
Executive Director

North Segment OF MHA Nation

The Native Reach app gives the North Segment community a place to find critical information right away. After a recent apartment fire, our office used the app to quickly share crucial community updates and information about available resources for those affected by the fire. The Native Reach app was available when we needed it the most.
Dr. Monica Mayer
North Segment Councilwoman

American Indian Council on Alcoholism – Milwaukee

As an urban center our goal is not only to help our clients on their journey toward wellness but also provide as broad of reach as possible to the greater community with helpful resources. Native Reach has positioned us like never before to uplift and support the people we serve.
Renee LaFleur
Executive Director

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Health Education & Outreach Services

The Health Education and Outreach Division of YDSP seeks to create a culture of wellness by empowering the Tigua community with knowledge and skills that promote healthy lifestyles. Using a Native Reach strategy and mobile app is a big part of accomplishing this mission. The support they provide along with the technology is of great help to our department.
Miriam Cardenas
MCHES Health Education Manager

Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa

Our Native Reach app is a game changer. It’s filling the void between our social media and website that meets the demand of today’s smartphone user. We were able to do this quickly and easily with the support of the Native Reach team.
Debbie Starnes
Development Director